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The Alentejo, Portugal 1934
I am Inês Bretão and I am 18 years old. Now that I am finally an adult and soon to be married, I feel like my real life is about to begin. I have decided to document everything that happens to me, for my children and my grandchildren…

As Sarah Lacey reads the scrawled handwriting in her great-aunt's journal on a trip to Portugal, she discovers a life filled with great passion, missed chances and lost loves – memories that echo Sarah's own life. Because Sarah's marriage is crumbling, her love for her husband ebbing away, and she fears the one man she truly loves was lost to her many years ago…

But hidden within the faded pages of the journal is a secret Inês has kept locked away her entire life, and one final message for her beloved niece – a chance for Sarah to change her life, if she is brave enough to take it.


Megan: 5/5 stars – wow! Rose you have weaved a brilliant story. The core concepts of this book were just what I wanted to read, family, resiliency, acceptance, travel, and growth all motivated and inspired me. I devoured it in two days. 


Anne: What a thoroughly gorgeous read! Characters you take to your heart, a modern story about friendship and "family", a fascinating thread about hidden history, and a backdrop beautifully described that had me adding Montenegro to my bucket list. Highly recommended.

Claire: I adored Under An Amber Sky... This book really is beautifully written. You are easily transported to Montenegro and can picture everything Sophie sees. I read this on a couple of days and can highly recommend it. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Amazon customer: 'A great holiday read, similar in style to Joanna Trollope or Maeve Binchy. The evocative language will inspire many a traveller to visit Montenegro.'

Amazon customer: 'This is a novel of unbearable grief, hope, and new beginnings. A story of deep emotions, Under an Amber Sky saddens the heart enormously but only to cheer it up in the end. Gripping, bright, an exceptionally pleasant piece of literature. There are sobs, but the pages are not soaked in misery. There are smiles and sunny days, confusing feelings and hope timidly arising, carelessness and profundity… A lovely book to read on the beach (who says beach books should be mediocre?) or in the cosiness of your home, Under an Amber Sky is a novel I highly recommend.'