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In the heart of the rainforest, Katharine will fight for her life and for love

1890: When Katharine and her husband, Anselmo, set sail to Brazil to reap the spoils of the rubber boom, it seems as if they cannot fail. But when Anselmo dies suddenly on the treacherous waters of the Amazon, a pregnant Katharine must decide whether or not to continue her husband's dream, alone.

Meanwhile her sister Mabel is struggling to support their family back in London. Navigating new worlds in the upper class, she discovers that life as a housemaid has its own dangers, and Mabel soon learns that the whims of men can prove deadly...

Mabel and Katharine must both fight for their futures if they are ever to be reunited. Can they find love and happiness along the way?

A stunning saga of love, betrayal, secrets and family for fans of Dinah Jefferies, Erica Brown and Renita D'Silva.


'I really thought this book was stunning, and found it quite impossible to put down.' 

Anne Williams.



'I loved how the women are the heroes of the story and how we journey with them through their joys, struggles and sorrows.'

Caroline Goodman


'Fans of Historical Fiction, strong female leads and adventurous stories will all love this new book by Rose Alexander!'

Tanya, Bookreviewcrew


'I absolutely loved this book and read it in around 24 hours. Reading about Katharine’s journey was insightful, giving me a view of a world, I knew nothing about.' 

Sara, thebookwebb


'An exceptionally well written novel. Engaging and thought provoking. I found this book really moving'

Beccy Thomson 


'This was a great read and I really enjoyed it. The most striking detail that I will mention is Alexander’s incredible ability to describe the environment so vividly. I truly felt transported and this allowed for a more engaging read. I will certainly be adding more works by this author to my TBR.'

Meg, fortheliterature


'I loved Katharine, such a brilliant depiction of a strong female, despite all the hurdles, knockbacks and failings of the rubber tree business venture, her resilience and determination to succeed was just incredible. ' 

Corrie Anne Stacey


'Excellent book! Beautiful description of characters and setting with an intriguing storyline. It is a story of romance, but also of the struggle of good against greed and honesty against exploitation.'

Pnina Savery 


'This is a thrilling historical tale of the strength of a young woman in a man's world.'

Julie Young 


'Such a captivating read I honestly could not put it down. Definitely recommend getting a copy.'


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