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The countdown begins...

I was so excited to go onto Goodreads and find the very first review for UNDER AN AMBER SKY. It's from Anne and she really loved the book. I'm sure you can appreciate the relief an author feels when someone bothers to pen a review - and it's a good one. Even if Anne is the only person in the world who reads and enjoys it - it still makes it feel that it's all worthwhile.

Anne's review: 'What a thoroughly gorgeous read! Characters you take to your heart, a modern story about friendship and "family", a fascinating thread about hidden history, and a backdrop beautifully described that had me adding Montenegro to my bucket list. Review to follow, but highly recommended.'

Publication date is 24th May so any pre-orders will magically appear on your kindles then - and Amazon reviews will be open for anyone who can spare the time to write their own review. It makes such a difference to authors to see the reaction of their readers so I do urge people to take the trouble to do it. You don't have to write much - just a title and a few words - but the author will appreciate it. Thank you and happy reading!

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