Publication imminent - 20 days to go...

As we draw near to the time when the book - my first book, my precious baby - will go live on Amazon and be available to purchase around the world, I find myself feeling strangely discombobulated. So much goes into writing a book - your heart and your soul, not to mention your time and your money! Of course, every author must hope for all their readers to love their work and write glowing reviews that see them soar to the top of the charts like gold-winged angels. But the reality is that everyone's taste in literature, as in music, are so very different that it's only to be expected that not there will be some who don't like it - and who make their feelings known. Criticism, whether it's voiced in terms of constructive feedback or cutting sarcasm, is never the easiest thing to take but that's not what I'm most worried about. As everybody knows, the biggest sign ever that one has failed to hit the mark - any mark - is indifference. So the worst thing that could happen on the 25th July is a huge, solid, unassailable wall of silence.

If you read the book, please do write me a review. And if you like it, please do also tell all your friends about it. As we all know, nothing beats word of mouth recommendations.

Thank you in advance,


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