Completely beside myself...

A short post today, which will reflect the title in more ways than one. It was back to work this week, the first full week of term and first my husband, then me and now my eldest daughter, succumbed to a horrible fever / vomiting virus which left us feeling dead on our feet. I couldn't take a day off in the first week back so had to get myself into work every day feeling like a zombie. I actually can't remember what I taught or who I taught it to, I really was completely beside myself (what a weird phrase that is!).

Now I'm trying to put the finishing touches the manuscript of the psychological thriller that I've mentioned here before, ready to send to my agent on her return from holiday on Monday. Outside, the Indian summer sun is burning and it would be nice to be out there catching the last rays of the year but sadly, no.

I've already said a bit about what the thriller is about so suffice to say it's topical and terrifying. I have banned all use of the word 'gripping', so I am going to call it 'compelling'. I'm really excited about it and will keep you all posted about its progress through the submission process.

Meanwhile, watch out for my Q&A with the wonderful book blogger Being Anne. It will be on her website on Friday 16th September:

Anne's review will follow when it hits her schedule sometime in the next few weeks!

And now a quick look at a book I've just finished, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. I was recommended this book by someone who had read it in their book club and it looked like the kind of easy read you need when the autumn term has just started and you are really unwell! It didn't disappoint. The writing is witty and funny and the surprise that comes part way through the book was really unexpected. The subject matter was fascinating and really well dealt with. Every now and again I found myself become a little wearied of the relentless 'cleverness' of the tone but I think that might have been more to do with the state of my health than any fault of the book's. It's hard to say too much without giving it all away so I'll leave it here and let you find out for yourselves. Overall, highly recommended.

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