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Perfect playlists

In our department meeting last week, the English team was thinking about interesting/engaging/motivational homeworks that we could set for our younger classes - year 7 and 8, 11-13 year olds. One conversation centred around the students making playlists for novels, plays and poems that we are studying. That made me think about what the soundtrack for Garden of Stars would be... and here it is.

I'd love to know what you think - anything to add? Anything that doesn't work at all for you? Let me know.

GARDEN OF STARS soundtrack:

Title track: ANGELS DON’T CRY by The Psychedelic Furs

Sarah remembering the past: FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME by Genesis

Torn and distraught, London: RUST by Echo and the Bunnymen

A new beginning?: OCTOBER by U2

Enjoyment: SONGBIRD by Fleetwood Mac

Sarah dreaming of the life she might have had: MEET ME IN THE MORNING by Everything But The Girl

In Portugal: IF I WERE A SONG by Lloyd Cole

The decision: PULL MY HEART AWAY by Jack Penate

The end: LITTLE LOU, UGLY JACK, PROPHET JOHN by Belle and Sebastian

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